Weekend Getaway in Lake Tahoe

July 2020

So there we were pondering….where can we escape to that’s a fair drive away and a proper getaway from the pandemic mania, and then it popped! – LAKE TAHOE. Neither of us had been there, and thus the answer was crystal clear. Friends had recommended it, with nothing but good things to say and now we see why. The atmosphere of the lake and surrounding wilderness is absolutely mesmerizing. This trip certainly offered some real therapy for the mind and soul!

As is apparent in the photographs below, the wilderness and scenery of Lake Tahoe is unparalleled. With an array of outdoor activities and fun, one might never get bored up there – I know I wouldn’t! And to add to the awesomeness, all the locals we met were relaxed, polite, and respectful to us outsiders – so we really felt welcomed!

Suggestions for Tahoe Travels:

  • Go hiking! – Lake Tahoe is HUGE and has numerous hikes all around it, many with spectacular views of the lake from above. We highly recommend the Rubicon Trail, which takes you on an epic journey from DL Bliss park to Emerald Bay Park (ranges from moderate to hard, and can be split up as well).
  • Catch a sun rise! – Seeing the sun rise up and warm the lake with its morning glow is food for the soul.
  • Research & plan! – Depending on the type of experience you’re looking for, Tahoe has so much to offer. If you like crowds and active areas, South and North Lake Tahoe are your best bet! If you’re into a secluded, relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle definitely check out the West shore (Tahoe City). For this trip, we chose to stay on the west side at the Granlibakken Hotel near Tahoe City.
  • Drive around the entirety of the lake! – The scenic drive around Lake Tahoe reveals the various shades of blues in the Lake, and gives you a chance to stop at different beaches along the way. Also, you can experience Lake Tahoe from both California and Nevada!
  • Lake Tahoe water is freezing! – Unfortunately, even on a hot summer day, the water in the lake can be really cold, I’d even compare it to straight ice water…so, be prepared and maybe bring a wet suit top or rash guard – anything helps!

Aquatic Activities!

Obviously some of the best activities are going to be on the water! Kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing will make for an unforgettable visit to Lake Tahoe. And if aquatic sports isn’t your thing, just hop on your unicorn float and relax on the lake with a cold one in hand!

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe is epic! – You can either ride in a single person kayak or a tandem kayak (two person) with no prior experience required. Jessie and I took the tandem out for around $40/hour for the first time. The water in Tahoe is really calm as well, so it’s a great place for first time kayakers to get some practice.

Despite what your voices of fear and anxiety might tell you, parasailing over a vast body of water is one of the most tranquil and uplifting experiences – and I thought myself to be afraid of heights! Going into it, my nerves kicked up but once the parachute gently drew Jessie and I back and over the water I was shocked at the peace that overcame. We were soaring 800 ft and it was fantastic! We booked the early bird slot (9:00 AM) for $70/person through North Tahoe Water Sports.

Removing ourselves from the constant buzz of the city life, we reconnected with the beauty of natural life and found some inspiration along the way. Reminded that we shouldn’t spend hours of our lives scrolling through social media or watching television, eyes glued to a screen – but that we should strive to make conscious efforts toward lessening our technological dependency and rediscovering the magnificence of life – the true meaning of Look Up Travels.