Holiday Fun in the City!

New York, New York!

If you enjoy the holiday season as much as we do, then New York City is certainly one of the places you should visit to get the festive feelings! Whether you’re sipping a hot cocoa by the gigantic Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center or snuggling up with a loved one watching the holiday theatrical light show at Saks and Fifth, the holiday spirit is alive and strong in the big apple!

The gorgeous tree scene above was one of our favorite displays as the its lights and colors glowed miraculously in the night!

Nothing expresses Christmas cheer like some grand holiday decorations! One of the remarkable attributes of the city is its ability to always impress its audience. There’s something stylish, unique and captivating at almost every corner. On our way to see the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree we stumbled upon some larger-than-life size traditional Christmas lights – a great, unusual sight to see! They were complemented by a nearby display of gigantic, shiny red tree ornaments centered in the fountain plaza at 1251 Avenue of the Americas. The details of both the lights and the ornaments were so realistic, it immediately brought warm memories of dressing up the Christmas tree with the family over some freshly baked cookies and creamy, cold eggnog.

After visiting New York in Summer 2003, I always had a vision of going back and experiencing it during the holiday season. I imagined seeing Central Park dressed in fluffy white snow and all the buildings with ten to fifteen foot lit up Christmas trees brightening their lobbies. To have had the opportunity to go back as an adult sixteen years later and experience the Christmas cheer that New York holds dearly was a dream come true! However, there was no snow during our visit – which, of course allowed us to do more activities and sightseeing – but that just means we’ll have to go back for the snowy experience in the near future!

For Jessie and I, the holidays are a special time to appreciate aesthetic beauty and how it’s expressed in various, creative ways through art and music. Each year we notice novelties pop up such as contemporary Christmas tunes or innovative decorative displays. It’s nice to compare more traditional styles to modern day twists as well. For example, comparing dreamy holiday classics like Dean Martin’s, “White Christmas,” to more upbeat, poppy tracks like Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want For Christmas.” Both tunes honor that sweet, timeless holiday spirit yet each tell a story of the times they were written. It’s wonderful that the holiday beauty has been carried gently through the decades and continues to charm both children and adults alike.