Lucerne, Switzerland – A Storybook Setting

Have you ever been some place that has dropped your jaw the moment you stepped off the train? To get that supreme, one-of-a-kind feeling is both special and unforgettable. When Jessie and I first saw Chapel Bridge surrounded by gorgeous Lake Luzern in Lucerne, Switzerland we were so moved we could barely speak. Our minds were in a frenzy to process the immense beauty that giddied us so. Every turn of the head aroused another ooh and ahh – I mean we really hadn’t seen anything quite like it before!

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So Much To See at the Louvre!

The Louvre Museum in Paris, France takes you on an enriching journey through history with so much to see that it’s impossible to cover in one day. With just four hours to explore the museum we saw fantastic art including French sculptures, ancient Egyptian artifacts, and Greek and Roman antiquities that gave us a sharp glimpse into the brilliance of history’s great civilizations. It’s a must-visit destination if you’re planning your trip to Paris but we recommend having at least a half day reserved for the excursion!

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