A Fairy Tale Built on Cliffs

During our journey through Europe we were on the go 90% of the time, and we visited cities in five countries in just three weeks. Positano, Italy was scheduled toward the tail end of the trip and ended up being our unforgettable, dreamy two day vacation that our bodies and minds were craving. We had absorbed so much knowledge, walked so many miles, ate so many delicious dishes – and we were ready to rest! Needless to say, Positano really hit the spot. In this blog we’ll share some of our experiences, including the easiest, most economical way to get to Positano from Rome, our hotel stay, and some of the superb meals we grubbed during our visit to the charming city on the cliffs.

We left Rome by Intercity 701 train from the Roma Termini at 6:30 AM heading toward Salerno, the city east of Positano and one of the larger port cities on the Amalfi Coast, from which you can get there easily by ferry. Those train tickets were bought through Trenitalia a month in advance at only 11 euros per seat. We arrived to Salerno at about 9:30 AM, and only spent about ten minutes there as we had to run to the harbor since the next ferry was leaving at 9:45 AM. Luckily, the train station was located right near the water so we made it just in time to depart with the TravelMar ferry which only costed 12 euros per person, and advanced tickets aren’t necessary so we just purchased them on site. The ferry ride was a lovely 40 minute cruise along the Amalfi Coast with the morning sunshine warming us as the cool ocean breeze lended a slight chill. The trip lends the eyes to stunning views of the cliffs and various small villages spotting the coast, and we recommend sitting on the upper deck for the best views.

Leaving Positano can be executed the same way described above, but depending on where you’re traveling next there are other routes to take. Our next stop was Pompeii, so we decided to go the alternate route to Sorrento by bus which costs 2 euros per person and takes you along some of the highest, windy cliffside roads (stunning views, but not for the faint of heart) for about fifteen minutes then diverts on a curvy course inland of about twenty-five minutes. If you get car sick or are prone to motion sickness in the least bit, we highly advise avoiding this method of exiting Positano because its a wild ride! From Sorrento there is a train that travels north to Pompeii, which is a must but we recommend setting aside a full day to explore it!

Soon after our ferry docked, we realized that our hotel was quite a hike up the mountain through narrow paths of endless stairs but nothing could kill our vibe. This was before we figured how the bus system works – one bus line that takes the one-way route through Positano that is always crowded. At first, figuring our route up was a bit confusing as the GPS kept advising us to take paths through fenced off private properties. We later discovered that the easiest way to get around is taking the main street either by foot or by bus. After arriving to our hotel, Florida Residence, we were properly hosted by the staff who, seeing we were worn out by the climb, offered us water while we waited shortly for our room. The hotel staff was very sweet, helpful and accommodating. They provided free shuttle service and a yummy breakfast for the guests.

Nestled along the north end of the main street called Viale Pasitea are several homey restaurants offering authentic, traditional Italian cuisine with homemade pasta dishes, fresh seafood, and delectable desserts. Two restaurants really stood out, Il Fornillo (we ordered homemade sausage pizza and gnocchi) and Da Vicenzo (we ordered the homemade ravioli, shrimp linguini, and prawns). The Amalfi Coast is also a key producer of lemons, and therefore offer many lemon-based candies, ice creams, and even their own liquor, Limoncello. You could say that the lemon is certainly a staple of the Amalfi Coast and this is expressed through most of their arts and crafts.

Our quaint hotel room at the Florida Residence

Positano sparked a sensation of exclusivity and wonderment simultaneously, leaving us in a dream-like state of awe. Neither Jessie nor I had experienced any place quite like it, so unique and unlikely in its absurd geographical condition. You really feel like you’re in some otherworldly mythical setting that’s been held secret from the rest of the world until now!

Super stoked to be in Positano!

Positano is a great place to go out and explore or just get lost in, and every where you turn is an ideal scene for an epic photoshoot! Our stay was very short and we decided to indulge in the local cuisine, window shop the unique arts and crafts, and drink wine on the beach. The beaches are rather rough on the feet with many stones so we advise wearing water shoes for your comfort. The weather was very unpredictable with a fierce thunderstorm the first night, followed by a perfect sunny half day which led to scattered showers that night. The stormy sky created the most supernatural imagery that mesmerized its audience. Oh nature – how your power humbles us!

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