Some Ideas For Living Wholeheartedly

Pushing back on the distress of the current climate of calamity, it’s vital that we focus on preserving and maintaining peace and positivity within ourselves and our communities.

Many of us unwillingly reside in the comfort zones of our devices, and have in some ways lost touch with the true values of life. All could benefit from some digital detoxing which starts by placing down your devices, stepping back from social media and fear-mongering news headlines, and engaging in some soothing self care.

Be Good To Yourself and To Others

Soft Suggestions

  • It’s up to us to collectively uplift each other with kindness, benevolence, and selflessness. Consider the struggles other people might be facing, and choose to act with grace.
  • Spend some time outdoors, renew your appreciation for the natural world and engage in some self reflection.
  • Read a book or do some journaling – you might have some creative ideas ready to take flight!
  • Enhance your mental and physical well being through top line behaviors such as home cooking and exercising
  • Once you do tap back into the virtual realm, utilize those connections to project positivity – hit the like button, leave a thoughtful comment, share some good news (check out the Good News Network for your daily dose of goodness!)

We realize that these days a majority of life is lived through gadgets, but we also believe that through conscious efforts toward healthy decision making we can regain control of our lives from the technological grip and inspire others to do the same. You just have to remember to look up!

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