Colombia’s San Andrés Island

Merely minutes after wrapping up our wedding celebration night which lasted until about four in the morning, Jessie and I found ourselves on an airplane from Armenia, Colombia to San Andrés Island to begin our honeymoon! Frankly we were exhausted and quite delirious off just an hour of sleep, but nevertheless a Look Up Travels island extravaganza was about to be in full effect! Jessie had been to the island quite a few times before, as it is a typical getaway destination in Colombia seeing that it’s only an hour flight from the mainland. We had even played with the idea of having our wedding ceremony on the island – looking back we certainly made the right choice having our wedding in Armenia and topping it off with a four day vacation in San Andres for just the two of us.

Check out the full story here: San Andrés Island


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  1. Haven’t been to rhat part of Colombia…looks amazing.


    1. You should really visit if you have the opportunity! Picturesque beaches, gorgeous turquoise water and delicious seafood! 🙂


      1. It will be on my list.


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